What a buzz! Great interview on Author Chat Show with host Lynda Brown. Her show attracts some million and a half listeners all over the world. Lynda is a ‘lady of a certain age’ (Happy Birthday for Sunday, Lynda) but she reinvented herself and is now up to speed with all the technology needed to operate her own broadcasting and publishing company. The best thing of all – and I should know having been a BBC broadcaster – is that she is a great interviewer – Her secret – she had actually read the book she was talking to me about – Seven Steps to Fabulous. Thank you, Lynda,

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April 20, 2016

Purple Reign Queen Elizabeth is celebrating her 90th birthday today (April 21), and in a seriously strange coincidence, a tribute to the royal figure set to take place at Niagara Falls now holds a second meaning for today's passing of musical iconPrince

April 20, 2016

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