The Lady has arrived

Don’t you love it when art mirrors life ? My new novel -to be launched this week – features a female Democratic Presidential candidate arriving for a fundraiser on Miami Beach. I share the first couple of pages here. 

Miami Beach 2015

“They’re here. The Lady has arrived.”
A faceless member of the senator’s staff who had been on duty at the mansion all day, adjusted his mirrored sunglasses and hissed out of the side of his mouth into a concealed radio.
A high-speed cavalcade appeared. Leading the pack leather clad motorcycle outriders on Kawasaki motorbikes, followed by the black and white cars of the Miami Beach police department. Blue lights flashed, sirens shrieked. Their demanding presence cleared the fast moving traffic and allowed free passage to the American-flag-bearing black limousine that transported the Presidential candidate.
With the end of their fifteen-minute drive from Miami international airport in sight, the convoy made a sharp left off the MacArthur Causeway. The limo driver drew the attention of the candidate to the bay-crossing highway immortalized in countless action films. Scene of spectacular car chases and explosive multi-vehicle pile-ups.
He enjoyed passing on the information that the MacArthur causeway bounds the Port of Miami, home to one of the largest cruise terminals in the world, and opens up an exclusive entryway to the private gated community of Flame Island.
Jagged shards of lightning illuminated the Miami Beach waterfront and threw into stark relief the menacing cloud-filled sky as the sound of thunder rumbled ominously out over the ocean.
Rain began to fall and the tropical storm that had been threatening gave full vent to its avowed intention to obliterate all traces of the endlessly cheerful Florida sun.

President Clinton with a copy of the book recently – he promised to take it home to Hillary!

Shakespeare First Folio - Fort Lauderdale My friends keep me entertained!! Last night to an outstanding performance of Shakespeare! Scenes of Power - Excerpts from the First Folio of the complete works of William Shakespeare under the most inspirational

April 13, 2016

CABARET at the Arsht Center 

April 13, 2016

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