Best Friends Forever 

The First Lady of Song, Carole King again showed her support for Hillary Clinton by her appearance at last night’s Miami fundraiser. Carol rocked it out with her signature song and the title of the musical that tells the story of her phenomenal and unprecedented musical success, ‘Beautiful’. She followed the number up with ‘I Feel the Earth Move’ which she compared to the unstoppable movement of support for the Hillary campaign. The audience needed no urging to sing along to ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ Hillary indeed has a Friend in this icon of popular music, The wonderful Miss Carole King.

Shakespeare First Folio - Fort Lauderdale My friends keep me entertained!! Last night to an outstanding performance of Shakespeare! Scenes of Power - Excerpts from the First Folio of the complete works of William Shakespeare under the most inspirational

April 13, 2016

CABARET at the Arsht Center 

April 13, 2016

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