Palm Beach – Road Trip 

Enjoyed a great day out in Palm Beach – its about an hour and a half up the coast 
from my home in Miami Beach.  A wonderfully ostentatious and wealthy city.  
The mega rich own grand homes and mansions there over looking the ocean.  The 
Kennedys had a winter home there and the family were absolute Palm Beach royalty.
John Lennon and Yoko Ono owned an oceanfront estate and one of my heros, the world’s best selling author,James Patterson lives in a beautifully restored home on the ocean road. Driving my convertible with the top down, along the coast road under the most picture perfect of blue skies,  a gentle breeze caresses my hair.  I tell myself that when my books outsell James Patterson, I will buy the estate next door to him and pop over and borrow a cup full of great ideas.  This is my kind of town –  my kind of heaven.  I love it.   

We can all dream grand dreams and get carried away with imagination in Palm Beach.  

Yesterday drove past Mar-a-Largo, the Donald Trump luxury resort  in Palm Beach –
he broadcast from there on Super Tuesday.  The sumptuous setting of marble columns and giant American flags were all carefully stage managed to give the impression that the Pretender to the Throne is already President   In his dreams.  

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