A Christmas story 

Merry Christmas all.  I wanted to share with you a special christmas tale.  

 Christmas Eve at the Miami Beach Community Church was magical.  In three candlelit services we were able to share the message of the birth of Christ through readings and carols  with hundreds of members of our congregation, their friends and visitors.  
The church looked beautiful all dressed up for the season and the choir sang like angels!!
Delighted to say that I have the honor of being one of those song birds.  Many of my colleagues sing with the Florida Grand Opera.  If you have never visited the church or heard the choir – put it on your wish list when next you visit Lincoln Road.  The Miami Beach Community Church is the first and oldest on Miami Beach.
Last night the love and joy in the sanctuary was awesome.  A beautiful way to start the Christmas Day celebrations – thank you to Rev Hunter and Rev Cynthia Lee for the messages of peace, unity and transformation. 
Around midnight, As we neared the end of the third service – from my prime spot in the choir pews up on the altar, I observed one church goer who had arrived very late – only just in time to enjoy the last two carols Silent Night and Joy to the World.  
He took a front row seat by the Christmas tree and even in the candlelight it was noticeable that this latecomer was a handsome man – and he smiled a lot. 
As the congregation filed out and we all wished each other Merry Christmas, he and I began a  conversation. He was filled with thanks for the inspirational service – and the angelic singing.  
As he went to leave the church – I said that we endeavour b a welcoming home for all visitors and I hoped we would see him again.  
​You will he said.  We smiled at each other and as I offered a handshake to say ‘goodbye’  I asked his name. 

“My name is Hesus,” he said, “Please remember, Hesus loves you.” 

I got goosebumps.  A magical moment and a perfect end to a wonderful day!!!!

​The Sopranos Sarah, Ellen, Laura…….

Rain Rain Go Away 

December 25, 2015


December 25, 2015

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