Sun in Libra 

Fall is really here.  Time for new relationships and business partnerships.  A mellow time 
of the year.  For all those having birthdays – that includes me – this is your personal New Year.

Time to move on from the injury that affected so much of my life this year.  I have asked friends 
and families to resist asking “How’s the Arm?”  This hopefully being the last medical bulletin – 
“I am great, thank you.”  The wonderful surgeons at Jackson Memorial Hospital have done a 
fantastic job.  Healing is slow but positive.  I can type, drive, swim and even carry my own handbag!   

Thank you to all the amazing friends who have been so kind and compassionate and made sure  I was 
able to get on with normal life as much as possible.  I really appreciate all the love and support I have 
received.  I owe you all.  

Now, no sling, no bling – if I learned a lesson it was patience – and if pain is the touchstone of growth – 
consider me  all grown up!!!!!! 

I am feeling back to the Ellen I want to be and if there was a time when I didn’t look, feel or act FABULOUS –  
Be assured I am redoing every one of the Seven Steps and Upgrading my life.  NOW

Have a blessed.  Libra is ruled by Venus – Feel the love………………..  

Tango Lovers 

September 24, 2015

Duelling Divas 

September 24, 2015

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