New Years Eve

New Years Eve – a wonderful time to reflect on the past year and look forward with excitement and enthusiasm to all the delights of the NEW YEAR.  

Fresh chapter, new book (yes, I will have a new book out in Spring) new adventures. 

Before going out for some partying- I will be performing my usual New Years’ Eve rituals.  

Please feel free to share the ceremony – here’s how to do it.  

First Prepare a sacred space.   Light candles and put on peaceful music.  

Write out all the regrets, resentment, sadness, pain and things you hope will pass as the year ends.  
Only you know what you want to leave behind and what you value to take with you into the New Year. 

Tear the paper into little pieces and burn in the candle flame – banish the old year.  It’s history. 

Now write out all your hopes and dreams and wishes for the New Year – tear paper into little pieces and bury.  You can bury in the garden or in a special box or even just in the bottom of your underwear drawer! 

Honor the event by using pretty stationery, glittery pens, fancy writing,  – this is probably one occasion when you will want to connect heart and hand by writing – not typing on the computer. 

You can perform the traditions on your own or share with someone who is special and will respect your commitment – Magic is powerful  – not to be used lightly or without  proper thought and honest desire.  

My hopes and wishes for 2014 already came true – I just checked what I had written – and with three new books out it could hardly fail to have been a successful and joyful year.  

For 2015 I wish …...xxxxxxxxxx
it’s a secret right but I take it as a wonderful sign that as I typed that last sentence, a cruise ship in the Port of  Miami played its signature tune,  the Disney Cinderella theme ‘When you Wish upon a Star’ . 

I love my FABULOUS LIFE – and I can promise you that I constantly practice  The Seven Steps – and have an unshakeable belief that good things will happen.  

 Sincerest and loving best wishes to you all for a FABULOUS 2015 –  don’t be afraid to dream – and send your wishes out into the universe.    Here’s to a FABULOUS 2015.   

Merry Christmas Miami style.....mince pies on the beach....

December 31, 2014

Here's to a healthy, happy and successful 2015 .....

December 31, 2014

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