Birthday treats !!


To Palm Beach to celebrate my birthday (remember the rule In Seven Steps – never reveal which one!).

Drove up the coast from Miami Beach in my gold convertible – top down all the way – with my special friend and fellow Palm Beach habitue Jude Parry.  Jude treated me to lunch at our very favorite restaurant Tabu!  Palm Beach knows all there is to know about FABULOUS! My kind of place.  

I visited the wonderful Palm Beach gift shop – Sherry Frankel’s  Melangerie in the Gucci Courtyard on Worth Avenue where I was able to buy a handmade cushion stating THANK GOD I AM FABULOUS!

When it comes to gift buying for the ‘Fabulous’ people in your life – including yourself – check out Melangerie.

I rounded off the day with a visit to the Palm Beach Dramaworks stage production of the classic Thornton Wilder play ‘Our Town’. PBD always present  first class theater and the play was thought provoking.   

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Happy Hallowe'en!

November 3, 2014

Biba Rocks !! 

November 3, 2014

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