Happy Hallowe’en!

After a great trip to London I flew back to Miami in time for Halloween.  I love it.  There cannot be anywhere more exciting, diverse or scary than Miami Beach’s pedestrian mall, Lincoln Road on 31st October.  Practically everyone dresses up, young and old, children and pets. One hairy guy in a furry pink leotard had his two large dogs in matching tutus and whole families get into matching costume dressed as The Flintstones, The Simpsons or Tinkerbell and a retinue of fairies – with dad as Mickey Mouse.  Most of the costumes appear to be shop bought and there are an abundance of Snow whites, Cinderellas and Little Red Riding Hood as well as showgirls, nurses and ballerinas. There are of course also the traditional witches, ghosts ghouls and scary creatures – it’s all about one night when you can be whatever and whoever you wan t to be.   Many of the costumes are very expensive creations and others are are minimalist –  like Adam’s home made fig leaf.   I made lots of new friends.  

London Calling

October 31, 2014

Birthday treats !!

October 31, 2014

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