Meeting heroines


Life continues to be Fabulous and in the course of just two days this week I met two of my heroines!

First at Books and Books in Coral Gables where she was signing copies of her book Hard Choices  Hillary Rodham Clinton – that woman is a total inspiration! I  have signed up for the groundswell movement ‘Ready for Hillary‘ and am awaiting the announcement that she will run for president in 2016!

I congratulated her on the birth of her first grandchild and she was most gracious.  She took time to ask questions and show an interest in the part a British writer was playing in the Ready for Hillary campaign – she also took time to  thank her thousands of supporters as the movement gains more and more momentum. 

READY FOR HILLARY? You bet we are!


My novel Love Mother, Love Daughter will have its launch at the same Books and Books store in South Florida – Hillary’s signing line was two hours long – if a little of that  magic rubbed off on my efforts I will be more than happy! Go Hillary!

I will keep you up to date with the launch details and also I will be promoting my books at the Miami Book Fair on 16th-23rd November 2014. 

Barbara Hulanicki – another truly inspirational woman! The  60s fashion designer was a phenomena and we Biba girls hold her as the greatest fashion diva of them all!  She never stops working, creating, designing – and she is charming and surprisingly modest considering her huge successes – including an OBE and an appearance on Desert Island Discs.

I met Barbara at the Miami Design Preservation League where we celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Miami Vice – the iconic show that changed television forever and helped make Miami the enduring global tourist and commercial destination it remains to this day.  The pastel fronted Art Deco locations, tropical fashions, fast cars, speed boats and undercover cops introduced a global TV audience to  all the glitz and glamour of this edgy, dangerous and exciting oceanfront city – Miami is HOT!!!! Versace designed the men’s clothes – though Don Johnson claims to have had the idea of wearing loafers without socks!  

Barbara was introduced to me by my friend, the award-winning mime artist and theatre producer Jude Parry, originally from Liverpool, who for many years toured South Florida bringing the British Panto to British and American audiences.  

Now Jude is working on a new idea – Seven Steps to Fabulous! – The Musical! 

Will keep you posted as the idea progresses – at this stage we have plans for a runway and makeover show and an all singing, all dancing fun filled musical presentation.  

Biba Barbara Hulaniki – still rocking a contemporary look and see how all through her career she retained her signature pageboy hairstyle and dark glasses making her noticeable, recognisable and FABULOUS!
You can’t miss me – dressed as a zebra with shoes and an umbrella to match.
‘The effort is worthwhile,’ Barbara told me. ‘I noticed you as soon as you walked into the room.’ 
Theatre producer Jude Parry is pretty in the summer tropics sunflower yellow dress. 
One event.  Three very different looks – three very distinctive and stand out ladies! 

Who are you going to be today ?  Make sure it’s FABULOUS! 

Ellen x

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