LA is Fabulous!

LA was a great experience.  

The first person I ran into at the Beverley Hilton was only one of the most famous men on the planet – Gene Simmons of KISS – minus his make up.

He was there promoting his new television sports show and took the time to stop and chat. channeling Fabulous, as always,  I was treated like a VIP in the hotel and the concierge staff were all set to pair me up with Gene on a tour –  ‘we thought you were his girlfriend’ – they said.  No, his girlfriend was there in the lobby waiting for him – but its always good to be treated as a member of the star squad… 

On my first visit to LA I was determined to do all the usual tourist things so took a sightseeing tour all over town –  saw the HOLLYWOOD sign – that’s one off the bucket list. On the Hollywood Walk of Fame I posed with Superheroes and saw the famous Chinese Theatre.

Loved a lunchtime visit to Chateau Marmont, a celebrity hang out where they say conversation is kept to a minimum as everyone is busy reading scripts! .

Dinner at the Cafe Formosa was exciting as it was a favourite small dining club for stars of the 40s, 50s and 60s to visit – including Marilyn Monroe.  Couldn’t resist thinking about her – imagine , she used the same Ladies Room  as me! What a dame.  Fabulous – strange feeling, staring in the mirror retouching make up and thinking of the beautiful face of Marilyn alongside in the mirror! 

For a touch of culture I scheduled trips to the Getty Museum – a fabulous experience, the modern building perched high up in the hills above Hollywood and the Getty Villa out on Grand Pacific Highway near Malibu with its treasure of antiquities and outdoor performances of historic plays and performances. 

Couldn’t resist buying a guide book at the Getty Museum –  – not the usual one listing the exhibits  – No, 
How to Be Rich by John Paul Getty.  The bookseller let me into a secret – it helps if you are born into a fortune. 

For retail therapy – Rodeo Drive -high end designer exclusive.  For modern, contemporary, funky, soooooo LA , Abbott Kinney.

Los Angeles Centre for Modern Art is certainly worth a visit. Sure the swampy black mud pits would make a great beauty treatment, 

After a whirlwind trip of just less than a week – ticked all the boxes: Celebrity, Excitement, Glamour, Culture, History, Theatre, Shopping – all FABULOUS!

On a stunning LA sunshine afternoon, the stand out event for me was being invited to visit the gorgeous Beverley Hills mansion of a Hollywood socialite whose name I have promised not to reveal.  The best I can tell you is that she this beautiful lady acted as the most gracious hostess – despite having never met me before – she was a friend of my travelling companion, Pilar Uribe,  herself a very well known South American actress.

Gazing out across the terrace and swimming pool of the exquisitely tasteful Beverley Hills mansion, I sent out a prayer to the universe.  

‘My life is already constantly FABULOUS, but a contract for a big time movie or television show, a mega book deal for my new novels, a wealthy husband and a wonderful Beverley Hills home would be gratefully accepted. Bring on the abundance. For my part,  I promise to keep the faith and continue to live joyfully by the rules of Seven Steps to Fabulous!

Love Ellen x

September 21st, 2014

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